Digital Strategy

I will help adapt your digital strategy and website to the French market. Guarantee your success by working with a French expert who knows all the local customs and habits like only a native can. Relevance and adaptability are at the core of my work.

Your visibility strategy


I create your visibility strategy, in practice that means:

· Your presentation: readability, USPs, trust factors, conversion funnel, etc.
· French competitor benchmark
· Popularity growth (content and influence marketing)
· Choice of digital marketing levers
· Choice of KPIs and tools for measuring ROI of operations
· Web marketing action plan

Optimize your website

I help optimize your website:

· Keyword strategy
· Proofreading of translated texts (or translation of texts)
· Choice of Calls To Action
· Menu structuring for the French market
· Localization and structuring of landing pages
· Conversion funnel strategy
· SEO best practices and settings


Example cases:

· Analysis of most popular industry-specific keywords and their use to optimize pages
· Optimization of French content (product pages, blog articles, corporate material, meta-data, etc.)
· Creation or re-optimization of content as part of a content marketing plan
· Adaptation or creation of sponsored link campaigns (e.g. Google Adwords)
· Social media and community management strategy
· Choice of opinion leaders for brands as part of an influence marketing plan
· SEO audit to improve rankings

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